AICCP Organizes Workshop of “Prerequisites for Success”

Published: 23/01/2017 | Updated: 01/05/2019

Advanced Industrial Company for Clay Pipes organized workshop of Prerequisites for Success, which was held on Saturday 21/01/2017 in Jeddah.

Mr. Ali Al-Abeedi, Executive Manager, confirmed that workshop aims to introduce the basics that lead to be distinctive at work, the workshop addressed many important topics, including the discussion of how to success at work, and the importance of continuing contributing to the development of a career. In addition, workshop included discussions of employees and their positive interaction with the topics that have been displayed.

Finally, it has been reviewing the most important professional advice at work environment and honored excellent employees. Otherwise, it has been offering the most elaborate in the work shield to Eng. Ali Alzahrani and the ideal employee shield to Mr. Ahmed Alsaadany, as the workshop followed an invitation to lunch.