Our Mission


We are motivated from the satisfaction of our customers that helps us proceed with a powerful desire to take part in the development of sewerage systems, and to provide the finest types of ceramic pipes of international standards for our customers, while maintaining a professional working environment characterized by professionalism and team spirit.

Our Vision

our_visionTo become world leaders in the manufacture of vitrified clay pipes, by targeting specific markets and gaining excellence in performance levels, which falls in line with the Vision 2030.


Our Values

The development factors that have helped us in gaining success and excellence in our company while assuring quality are as follows:

Quality: It is characterized by the production of high quality products that meet international standards while also providing special after-sales provision.

Commitment: We have taken it upon ourselves to provide all our customers with clay pipes of quality and competitive prices, which will meet their needs.

Social Service: We are keen on providing job opportunities and support to the young generation, along with the training needed to adequately serve the community.

Environmentally Friendly: We produce eco-friendly products that are easily recyclable for re-usage and production of new clay pipes.